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Win|Win supports and engages with Coalitions, alliances formed between organizations with similar goals and causes, to share resources, strategize, and build power. The three core Coalitions Win|Win currently engages with are the Our Votes Count Coalition, The Washington Voting Justice Coalition, and the Redistricting Justice for Washington Coalition.

In the past, Win|Win managed and staffed coalitions. However, we have intentionally taken a step back to put the power of leadership in the hands of partner organizations leading the charge on issues such as democracy reform and the Washington census. We have shifted to provide support through providing data, tools, and strategic collaboration.

Our Impact                                                                   

Win|Win has focused on strategies that prioritize individuals with low capacity or lack of access to voting, people of color, and young voters over the pasts five years in key swing districts. In nearly all focus districts, we have seen a swing to a full Democratic majority which has led to major legislative outcomes over the last three years. The passage of the Access to Democracy Package (2018) and Voting Rights Restoration (2021) are two recent wins that make Washington’s democracy processes more equitable.

The shift in campaign culture to invest in voters with low capacity of lack of access to voting as a strategy to win has the potential to shift power in areas outside of King County. We will continue to take lessons learned from this trend and invest support into organizing efforts led by grassroots organizations in Southwest Washington, Central Washington, and Spokane.