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For Potential Partners

If you are part of or know of a 501(C)3 or 501(C)4 organization that is working to advance social, racial, and economic equity in Washington that could benefit from: 

Access to exclusive training and organizational development resources 

Data analysis and strategic recommendations

VAN access, trainings, and technical support 

Connection to a network of progressive groups organizing across Washington State

Please feel welcome to reach out through the “Contact” page. Please note that Win|Win is a growing organization that prioritizes quality over quantity, meaning we will only take on new network partners as capacity allows. Additionally, Win|Win prioritizes supporting small grassroots and/or organizations led by and serving people of color, especially those that are led by and serving Black and Native communities. However, all progressive 501(C)3 and 501(C)4 organizations are welcome to reach out for consideration.