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Tools & Capacity Building

Win|Win Network Partners are the organizations on the ground campaigning, community organizing, and advocating for progressive change throughout Washington State. An organization may send a letter in the mail to all of the progressive constituents in their county about a specific upcoming policy to inspire voters to take action. Alternatively, an organization might text identified young voters and voters of color in their organizing area to remind and encourage them to vote to increase voter turnout for groups that have been identified as voting less than other groups. But where do they track their impact or access voter information such as contact details and demographic data?

As part of Win|Win Network membership, members receive access to the Voter Access Network (VAN), a data management software tool that enables users to view, update, and track progressive voter information. Win|Win staff act as the VAN Administrators for organizations in Washington State. It is our responsibility to oversee VAN use, train VAN users, review data requests, and keep the data clean, protected, and accessible.

How We Do It

Win|Win offers training on utilizing and best practices for the VAN and other tools such as Thrutext and Canvass, both of which are useful for voter outreach and community organizing. Additionally, Win|Win works one-on-one with every Network Partner to offer issue-specific support, access large quantities of data, and provide guidance on strategy to get the most out of the VAN. Our goal is to build capacity within our partner organizations so their integral work is more effective, leading to more progressive change statewide.

We currently provide services at a sliding scale cost based on a Tier system that prioritizes small grassroots organizations that are led by and serving people of color.